Hardware + Coding + BioTech
10/22/16 - 10/23/16 • CalStateLA
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About Us

BioHack is a project coordinated as a collaborative effort between LA BioSpace Incubator, Make in LA Hardware Accelerator and the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. BioHack will provide an opportunity for student teams to brainstorm, design, build and test innovative biotechnological products with an emphasis in hardware. These will be aimed at addressing a set of problems, conceived in collaboration with industry mentors and academic supporters. Student teams will be required to plan and coordinate activities to deliver a proof of concept of their project in order to allow a more significant advancement towards an initial prototype. 

Student teams will be assessed on their progress toward completion of presented problems. This project will support young entrepreneurial technologist to develop their problem solving skills and work in cross-functional teams. We believe that by utilizing the collective resources of our Los Angeles Technology Ecosystem program will be able to attract and catalyze further innovative students in biotechnology, hardware and entrepreneurship


Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

Saturday, 10/22

Registration Opens Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 11:00am
Lunch is Served Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 12:00pm
Opening Ceremony Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 1:00pm
Team Formation Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 1:30pm
Hacking Begins Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 2:00pm
Tech Talks & Events Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 2:30-6:00pm
Dinner is Served Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 6:00pm
Tech Talks and Events Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 7:00pm

Sunday, 10/23

Midnight Snack Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 12:00am
Werewolf Floor Game Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 12:15am
Breakfast Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 8:00am
Lunch Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 12:00pm
Hacking Ends Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 3:00pm
Hacking Expo Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 3:30pm
Closing Ceremony Golden Eagle Ballroom 1 5:00pm


What is a hackathon?

A student hackathon is a marathon of innovation, usually 24-36 hours in which students passionate about creating concepts and technology form teams and compete with other teams to generate, develop and/or implement a new idea from scratch in order to learn and have fun.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Zero. Null. The event is completely free for eligible and registered students. We will provide you with the venue, food, drinks, Wi-Fi, etc. You just need to show up!

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes, we abide by the Major League Hacking Code of Conduct


Who can come?

Max 100 students can participate 80 spots are garaunteed for all current undergrad and grad students at CalStateLA. Max 20 students from partnering High Schools can join.

Do I need to stay the entire time?

Nope, we are not a lock-in. We realize that 36 hours is a long time, and that some people might have other commitments during that time. Feel free to stay and leave as you choose. However, we would prefer that people stay to promote the environment.

Where do I park?

If you're on campus already and have a parking permit, park where you would normally park. For attendees coming from other universities, we will distribute information to registered attendees prior to the event regarding where to park.

Will there be free food?

Yes! Absolutely! We will provide catered meals, drinks at all times, snack breaks, and endless caffeine.

I've never been to a hackathon before?

No worries at all. We will be providing mentors during the hackathon and running workshops, as well as providing food and drinks and a place to sleep if you don't have one. We will also have a Slack team for anyone to get help at during the hackathon. You don't need to be good at writing code or building things, this is a learning experience and chance to have fun above everything else!


What should I bring?

You will definitely need your laptop, phone, their chargers, as well as a valid student or government ID. Feel free to also bring along a sleeping bag, and we recommend some comfortable clothes.