With your help, a new generation of CBE business students can become business leaders.

We offer many ways to help support the business students at your alma mater.

Develop and enhance academic programs that prepare students for tomorrow’s business needs.

Offer degrees, options, and certificate programs in today’s growing fields including logistics, social media, entrepreneurship, forensic accounting and health care management.


Build technology-ready facilities and classrooms to ensure our graduates have the skills they need.

Financial modelling software, subscription services, and information systems products keep our students informed and prepared to perform their first day on the job.

Modern facilities that support innovative means of communication and learning.

Enhance content-based curriculum with insights from visiting successful local business leaders and alumni that share their expertise.

Students connect with visiting business leaders at speaker series including Professor for a Day and visiting lecturer series.

Ensure students are prepared for and have access to great placement opportunities upon graduation.

Continue and expand CBE Placement Center programs including internships, career and resume preparation services and job fairs.

You can shape the business leaders of tomorrow.  Help the College of Business and Economics ensure student success.



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